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The EISSMAN Nyíregyháza Municipal Swimming Pool carried out its annual maintenance between 29 March 2024 and 05 April 2024. 

During the maintenance many important things are done to keep the swimming pool safe and enjoyable for those who use it. The most important aspect is maintaining the quality of the water.

During maintenance, the pool's technicians carry out tests on the pH, chlorination and other parameters of the water. This is important because good water quality prevents the growth of bacteria and other pathogens, making the pool safer to use.

Regular maintenance of the pool's machinery and equipment is also necessary. This includes, for example, cleaning and checking the filtration systems, maintaining the ventilation system and checking the pool equipment. 

The purpose of these works is to ensure that the pool equipment is working properly and to reduce the risk of breakdowns. Overall, the maintenance of the swimming pool is essential to ensure that it provides a safe and comfortable environment for the public. Regular maintenance helps to maintain the pool's hygiene standards and prevents equipment failure, so that pool users can enjoy a safe and pleasant swimming experience.

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