Eissmann Nyíregyháza City Swimming Pool

· 50m race pool:

Its size is 50/25 m, 10 tracks, 2.20 m water depth, which can be crossed. In the competition and training pool, an OB I water polo court can be established on the center court, which is certified. The floor sleeves placed in the pool head make it possible for several recruitment teams to carry out training work in parallel in order to achieve higher utilization. In the 25 m wide transverse direction of the competition pool, 3 courses suitable for youth water polo training can be created, with training gates and shooting walls. The competition pool is suitable for international swimming competitions. In the City Swimming Pool, we provide city residents with the opportunity to play sports every weekday from 06:00 to 14:00.

Water temperature: 27C

· 25 m training pool:

Size: 25/11 meters, 4 lanes, varying water depth from 0.80 to 1.30 m, which can be divided in the cross direction. The maximum capacity per hour is high, 50 people, which is made possible by the excellent water engineering equipment. This means that it is possible to teach swimming to more than one kindergarten or primary school group or class at the same time.

Water temperature: 30C.

There is also a competition control room, referees 'and swimmers' changing rooms and a medical room in the Institution to serve the competitions and events. Training and educational programs as well as public swimming are served by the 6 changing rooms.